Ida-Jean W.
Good visit.

Benjamin M.
Friendly, very knowledgeable and informative

Rodolfo H.

Luisa T.
My doctor is so caring and so thorough that you feel very comfortable.Hopefully everyone will feel the same way when they go to visit her.

Carol G.
It it convenient to have tele visits.

Irene A.
Great person

Bobbi B.
My visit was great the only drawback was I had a difficult time actually hearing Dr Chirala even with my volume turned all the way up.

John L.
Great communication

Janelle C.
Very good visit. The Dr took the time to listen to me and my concerns addressing them in a way that I could understand. I did not feel rushed and had the Dr’s full attention. The Dr is very empathetic and cares about my condition and ensuring that I am doing well.

Walter H.
Dr. Chirala is very thorough and a very good doctor who I totally trust. Televisits also appreciated as I live an hour away.

Roger Y.
Great appointment . Need to get an ok so Better Night Co. Can get my insurance will pay for my CPAP supplies. Fax # is 866 364-2915 any questions talk to them. Thank you us in Roger Young 970-210-3348.

Angie L.
Great staff and dr

Sonia D.
Although today’s visit was only for a report on my heart study. Dr Chirala was great at explaining the report to me. She truly knows my ❤.

Michael F.
Dr. Chirala is thorough & caring. She listens to patient concerns. Her exemplary medical expertise is greatly appreciated & invaluable to my care. I highly recommend Dr. Chirala!

Lorraine B.
Wonderful Dr Chirala is a caring wonderful Dr

James R.
Always good work & very wonderful people

Thomas A.
Dr. Chirala is one of the kindest and competent Cardiologists in the Bay Area. She is caring, listens to her patients and provides a comprehensive plan to address your health issues. Highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a true medical professional ho cares about their patients.

Glen C.
Dr Chirala always provides great service, shows care and concern…

Hector V.
Very professional. She asks plenty of questions to know how your doing. She answered all of my questions. Felt comfortable at each visit. Highly recommend

Mary S.
Very professional

Vincent P.
as usual a great visit. your always treated like your the only patient Dr Chirala has.

Nancy D.
Everyone courteous. Dr Chirala makes sure she does everything she can to make you feel comfortable.

Judith A.
Long wait. Friendly televisit.

Majid M.
Very informative diagnosis gave me full view about my heart conditions and cares

Jorge E.
Dr Chirala dedicated plenty of time to review my situation and answered all my questions.

Arthur G.
Always caring & knowledgeable.

Bobbi B.
I bit of a wait, but Dr Chirala is always so positive and friendly. I really do enjoy her!

Bobbi B.
A bit of a wait but Dr Chirala is always so positive and friendly. I really do enjoy Cher v

Mike H.
Dr Chirala is great. I fully recommend. She cares about your health puts together a plan to get you there.

Anna R.
Best experience ewer. Dr. Shirala called my home of hoer just to see how I am doing. I have newer experienced this. It makes me feel very secure in a time when really needed.

Terri L.
Explains everything to me that I understand

Montgomery A.
The Dr. and staff were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and made for a first visit that was very comfortable and reassuring.

Anu D.
The wait was a little long, but that’s understandable. Dr. Chirala was as efficient as ever

Juan E.
Just perfect

Janie T.
She’s very nice polite and I’m very satisfied with her also

Leonard T.
It was great everyone was Very helpful. Good experience thanks

Majid M.
Very caring , professional and informative discussion for my health problem and solution . I felt I am talking with my sister worry about my health .

Doris S.
I love Dr. Chirala. She is so caring, and passionate about making her patients well. She leaves no stone unturned and is a great coach in encouraging healthy habits. She’s pretty darn smart too. I feel very well taken care of and reassured when I see her.

Frances A.
Great service

Mark R.
Crazy-Perfect-Journey. At 43, on April 15th, 2000-(Y2K bug), I had a massive Heart Attack w/ 5% chance, I am 65 now, medically They say I’ve lost 30% heart function… They can say that, however God made me perfect and gave me a perfect heart. There’s nothing wrong in here: I have no crutches to lean-on, only my mission from God and another 60 years at least… With nothing but passionate LOVE and positive mental conditioning, got rid of TV, listen positive music and I enthusiastic mission to help humanity, (Well – If I am not Dead – I am not Done!!) attitude. That is ME, However along the Journey for the past 11 years Dr. Chirala has provide unconditional great care in for me and my wife, without her support and proper medical patient management I might have come to an early (Done state!). I hope she still has her practice when I turn 125yrs. LOL Great Support..

Gary M.
Though my appointment was late in the day I was treated as if I were the first patient of the day. My doctor inspired a feeling of trust and wellbeing.

Jennifer G.
Love Dr Chirala she is the best!

Bertha C.
Dr Chirala is always very thorough, which I appreciate, and always smiling!

Clay P.
Dr. Chirala is careful, concerned, and very well informed. I am grateful to have found such a great cardiologist.

Rita D.
staff very helpful in guiding though the appointment. Doctor gave good recommendations as to what needed to maintain good health care.

John L.
Always thorough and clear.

Sandra Y.
Very through and warm greeting. She put me at ease and answered all my questions.

Sallie M.
Always a pleasure to see Dr Chirala, Lisa, and Vicky. This staff are always helpful and affable. Dr Chirala knows her craft and is top rate. She is an excellent doctor. I would recommend her.

Denise S.
good great doctor

Deborah M.
Dr Chirala is very through

Donald L.
Dr. Chirala provides me with compassion, competency and clarity about my health concerns.

Irene A.
Just makes you feel so at home

Margaret A.
Pleasant and knowledgeable Dr Chirala explained everything . And gave great advice. And was a comfort

Jeffrey W.
Very good

Christina T.
I really like Dr. Chiraila. She explains everything to me it is very caring with her patients

Robin H.
Dr. Chirala is very caring, helped me feel better about my health issues. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Esther F.

Magdalina M.

Ronnie S.
Dr Chirala is very helpful and caring when it comes to my health care. I wish there was more Doctors like her.

David H.
Dr. Chirala is awesome and provides the best care. My only issue is wait times. I had an appointment at 10:30 and was not seen until 11:40. It would be great is she could set up a system that would alert you 15 minutes early so you don’t have to wait. Labcorp and Quest have such a system as well as numerous restaurant’s. Over all Dr. Chirala is the best!!

Emilio D.
Dr Chirala is very clear with me about my health. She always shows great dedication and concern over how things are with me. Dr Chirala is a great doctor. Thank you

John H.
Conference by telephone on my FaceTime is an excellent way to conduct business. A good way to eliminate Drive time. I think the real advantage is that you have the ability to do some productive things at home while you wait for the doctor to come to the appointment. I find that with the video conferencing the doctor unfortunately has a growing time leg from the appointed hour to the actual time you have your conference. Anyway to foreshorten this timeline would be much appreciated

Sylvia R.
Love ❤️ ❤️

Susie S.
Dr Chirala is the best in doctor town.

Terri L.
She really takes her time with you , and explains everything, she the best

Maryel W.
Wonderful!! Thorough!!

Marcelle C.
Dr. Chirala is quick and to the point. She is running late sometimes but that’s to be expected. Office staff very nice.

Bonnie R.
Great Doctor!!!!

Charlotte S.
Dr Chirola it’s very professional and what she does. I think she’s a great doctor and I have all the confidence in the world in her. She explained everything very clearly to me.

Richard L.
Helpful and friendly!!!!!

Brian D.
Dr. Chirala is an excellent cardiologist and first rate human being: thoughtful, personable, knowledgeable, and truly cares about the well being of her patients.

Della N.
Dr Chirala and her staff are focused on their client’s health always looking for the treatment to best suit your condition

Dana B.
The staff and Dr Chirala were absolutely great!

Dianne R.
Informative, have a plan and hope to reduce sob and tiredness, improve circulation

Carol M.
The phone visit is much more convenient than an in office appointment

Althea D.
Always excellent. Everyone in the office does a wonderful job.

Darrell P.
My visit to Dr.Chirala’s Office was nice and very informative. I am happy to have her as our family doctor.

Deborah M.
If it was not for the wait I would have given a 5 star

Robert B.
I was satisfied with my visit thank you

John R.
Very pleasurable. Dr. Easy to talk to you , Staff friendly and efficient

Ernesto P.
Had an 11:45 appointment and was not seen till 1pm because of “walk-in” appointments they cannot turn away. This appointment was made 2 months prior. Receptionist should advise there will be at least 30 minutes to an hour wait. (Not that difficult, it’s courtesy. Or call patient before appointment time and inform of possible 1hour delay.

Owen T.
Dr Chirala has so many good qualities, she is thorough, never rushes, is very personable, and has a good sense of humor. I always have timely feedback about the appointment. It is a pleasure having her as a doctor.

Elizabeth V.
Great experience and very thorough in her examination.

Ann A.
Dr. Chirala is very thorough when discussing my health. She also listens to all concerns and addresses my questions.

Ann A.
Dr. Chirala is very thorough and answers question asked by me. She has a good “bedside” manner.

Sylvia R.
Dr. Chirala , always , the Best , friendly, and a good Dr. , She Cares for all of Us , Patients ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maria G.
Dr. Chirala is very thorough with patient care. She makes you feel very comfortable. Awesome Dr.!!!

Judy L.
Dr. Chirala is a great doctor! She is very understanding, knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. She takes time with me to ensure I fully understand my health issues and is eager to answer all questions honestly. The staff is also friendly and very timely in making appts; getting messages relayed to Dr. Chirala, etc. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a specialist. You won’t be disappointed.

Michael K.
Excellent care provider. Very happy with my care plan.

Leonard T.
They helped me

Dianne R.
Great stuff, thanks for squeezing me in. Glue came off overnight. Good md meeting also. Thanks

Salvador N.
My family has been going to Dr. Chirala for many years and she is very informative and Listen’s to any Concerns you may have.

Marina M.
Thank you very much for your help

Kathleen B.
I’ve been seeing Dr Chirala for many years and am very happy with the care I’ve received. Front office staff is great too.

Bonnie R.
Great Doctor!!!!

Jody S.
Dr. Chirala is very thorough.

Walt R.
Many years ago, my primary care physician was concerned about my blood pressure. He referred me to Dr. Chirala. When I met her, she was wearing a wonderful smile which persists to this day. She is a very caring and thoughtful doctor. Just by the manner in which she interacts with you, you know she cares. I attribute my heart health to her. Dr. Chirala, thank you for being YOU!!

Sadie B.
Very caring

Nobuko D.
Dr. Chirala is a wonderful doctor and very attentive!

Barbara K.
I have been under the care of Dr Chirala since 2016. I have A Fib & heart failure. When I first began seeing her, I was having intense chest pressure & chest pain several times a day. Dr Chirala keeps very careful records of my condition & medication and the pain & pressure have subsided considerably. I have found that she & her office staff have always been very helpful & informative as well as friendly & patient.

Daniel C.

Laura L.
Doctor was very thorough. I was pleased with her recommendations. Appointment a little longer than expected due to waiting for Dr. to see me.

Samuel A.

Danny C.
Always helpful and responsive to issues and concerns

Mary T.
Dr. Chirala has always been very through and keeps you aware of any heart issues may have. Thanks for the many years you have taken care of me.

Jerry B.
Most thorough doctor experience I’ve ever experienced

Suzann L.
Dr. Chirala is a highly qualified, competent and dedicated cardiovascular disease specialist whom I trust and admire for her work ethic, compassion and commitment to her patients.

Theodore D.
As always, Dr. Chirala is very strong in having prepared for the check up’s – showing results, data driven guidance and future action plan. Dr. Chirala genuinely cares and goes beyond the norm to ensure the improved health of her patients.

Honorio B.
had an excellent visit that was very thorough , she is very positive and enthusiastic. At times rushes a bit.

Bonnie R.
Awesome Doctor!!!!!

Robin H.
Dr. Chirala is always very up front with information, but also has a way of easing my fears and worries. Always very thorough.

Herasto H.
She is very Very polite and courteous, she explains everything in detail real good, she make me feel very comfortable, and my health improves big time, since I start seeing her !

Brian B.
First time meeting Dr. Chirala. She is very outgoing and, of course, knowledgeable. She has developed a plan for me with tests going forward. Appears to be quite high tech which is good.

Myron S.
The Dr takes really good care of me.

John H.
So much easier to do it this way then the drive 45 minutes up wait for an hour and then drive 45 minutes back. Must do it again!

Michael S.
very good

Rick J.
Dr Chirala is very knowledgeable and thorough. She and her staff place patients above all.

Vicki S.
I feel that Dr. Chirala explains everything and tells me why doing certain things are important. I like her straightforward approach.

Kayla H.
My husband and I love her! She is so thoughtful and responsive. She treats us like human beings. She feels like a dear friend we go to anytime.

Yu C.
5 star as always!

David H.
Dr. Chirala is an explaining physician. She is patient and a good teacher.

Sherry C.
Dr. Chirala is very professional and has a fantastic bedside manner. You could not ask for a better cardiologist!

Mary A.
Dr Anu Chirala is the best. She never rushes through her patients. 100% concern of my health. I appreciate my doctor for dedicating her time with me and my well being.

Domi M.
Dr Chirala and her staff are always willing to help and always returning calls in a minimum amount of time. They are very accommodating most of the time.

Robert F.
Every person in this office is a 5 star rating, they are efficient, knowledgeable, and carting. Dr Chirala is a great doctor, and really takes care of your needs, plus stays up with the latest finding. Recommend this doctor and staff very highly

Martha O.
Dr. Chirala listened very carefully to my recitation of my symptoms with a caring attitude. I have a great deal of faith in her judgement.

Patricia D.
Thank you, Dr. Chirala for after hours paving the way for me to get attended to at Standfor Hospital!

Emilio D.
It is a pleasure having Dr Chirala as my Cardiologist. She is and has been for many years my Special Dr. whom i trust completely with my health concerns. She really cares about her patients, i am happy to be one of them. Emilio B de Sousa

Deborah H.
Reviewed test results via phone because I was unable to go to my office appt. video didn’t work but we were able to review results fine. I don’t like to take meds. Dr. Chirala has been helpful working with me to adjust and modify recommendations according to my specific results.

Richard B.
I was the last patient of the day . So if there are scheduling delays or additional treatments for prior patients you will never be seen on time! Dr Chirala and staff very good but i probably need to go thr portal and send questions i forgot to answer

Vincent P.
Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Chirala. she has kept me alive for over 20 years. The office staff will go out of there way to meet your needs.

Tim H.
Feel blessed after my first and follow up appts. You will not find a better Dr or staff. Dr Chirala ran some tests and answered so many questions that I have often pondered to myself. Fixed or fixing what is broken and now on the downhill path to recovery.

Malkit B.
Excellent. This office has very caring staff

Roger B.
I have been a patient for over 10 years, her professional support and diagnosis has been invaluable. Her office staff is top notch and very accommodating. In my opinion Dr. Chirala is number one in her field.

Brian S.
I have been with Dr Chirala for a long time. She is always thorough and takes her time to explain her analysis and what I need to do. Her staff is very professional, too. The best doctor and the office staff.